Chef Sabrina of Sabrina’s Latin Kitchen


Main Course

Paella Valenciana- Saffron Rice with Rabbit, Chicken, Spanish Chorizo, Jamon Serrano, Artichokes, Haricort Verts and Peas.
Paella Mixta- Seafood and Meat Paella-Saffron Rice, Chicken, Chorizo, Mussels, Clams, Artichokes, Haricort Verts and Peas.

Arroz Con Pollo- Chicken and Rice simmered with beer with Peas and Raisins
Pollo Cubano- Farm Fresh Chicken Marinated with Cuban Mojo of rum, onions and orange juice until juicy.
Oxtail Soup- Braised delicate Oxtail with carrots, celery, potatoes and a hint of cocoa for mole touch.

Bif stek a la Parrilla- Steak Grilled to tenderness served with Chimmichurri Sauce
Guiso de Calabaza con Carne de Res- Pumpkin and Steak Stew with rich spices.

All Mexican Dishes are Served with Rice and Beans and Platano Frito
Turkey or Chicken Classic Mole- Turkey stewed with Poblano and Guajillo Peppers, Rich Mexican Dark Chocolate Sauce, topped with Sesame Seeds.
Turkey Pumpkin Enchiladas- Turkey wrapped in a Sweet,warming Pumpkin Enchilada Sauce.

Pollo al Ajillo- Chicken cooked with loads of garlic, smoked Spanish paprika and a dash of Spanish Sherry
Gambas Al Ajillo- Shrimp simmered in garlic with a dash of Spanish Sherry.
Champiñones Al Ajillo- Brown Mushrooms simmered in garlic and Spanish Sherry
Albondigas with Romesco Sauce- Mini Meatballs filled with celery and carrots, drizzled with Romesco Saffron sauce.
Tortilla Española- Spanish omelet made with eggs, onions and Yukon potatoes. Served with Aioli Sauce or Romesco Sauce
Papas Rellenas- Potato balls with tasty seasoned meat filling then deep fried.
Empanadas – Chicken and Cheese, Shrimp and Cheese, Vegetable and Cheese.
Chiles Rellenos- Poblano Peppers and Queso Seco deep fried, topped with Ranchero Sauce and then topped with Mozarella cheese

Classic Cuban Sandwich –Cuban Pork ( Lechon Asado) Swiss cheese and Pickles pressed to heavenly perfection in a grill.
Choripan- ( Chori) Chorizo slathered in a Chimmichurri Sauce served on (Pan) French Bread
Gazpacho- Classic Spanish made with Cucumbers, variety of Peppers and a dash of Balsamic Vinegar and Spanish Sherry.
Garlic Soup- Classic Spanish soup made with loads of garlic and French bread.
The Gourmand’s Salad -Kale Salad with Egg and Caramelized Almonds and Valencia oranges slices.
Tomato Salad- Using Varying tomatoes with olives, red onions and dollop of olive oil.
Mixta Salad- Classic Spanish Salad-Olives, Red Onions and Tomato

Rum Flan – Classic Custard Dish with Bacardi Rum
Espresso Flan- Classic Custard Dish with Cuban Espresso
Pumpkin Flan- Classic Custard Dish made with Pumpkin and Spices
Mayan Spice Brownies- Decadent Rich Chocolate baked with Cinnamon and touch of Chile.
Almond Cake- Classic Spanish Cake made with almond flour and amaretto

Cardamom Pistachio Truffles – Dark Chocolate Truffles with pinch of Cardamom and topped with Pistachios.
Mayan Spice with Sesame Seeds Truffle- Dark Chocolate with Chile and Cinnamon coated with Sesame.
Grand Marnier Almond Truffle- Dark Chocolate with a decadent splash of Grand Marnier and Orange, covered with Almonds.

Aguas Frescas
Agua de Jamaica con Rosas- Hibiscus Juice with a touch of Rose Water.
Limonada de Menta- Lemonade with Mint Simple Syrup mixed with tons of Garden Mint.

Coconut Milk, Banana, Cacao Powder with hint of Mint
Blueberry, Kale, and Pineapple Smoothie
Mango Lassi with Cardamom- Made with Fresh Greek Yogurt and Cardamom
Rose Lassi with Cardamom- Made with Fresh Greek Yogurt, Rose Syrup and Cardamom


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