Sabrina Rongstad Bravo is a Writer, Language Teacher and Chef.

She has worked as a private chef preparing and cook healthy, creative and appetizing meals drawing from many ethnicities and inspiration from her travels: Spanish, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Indian, Chinese and some French. Her speciality though is tied to her Latin heritage where she is passionate about traditional dishes like Paella Valenciana, Tortilla Espanola, Cuban Chicken, Mole Poblano and Empanadas.


In 2007,  she launched the language school Escuela Espanol, ( The Spanish School).  Through time, she developed a philosophy to make learning Spanish fun, in this she teaches Spanish through music, poetry and now through cooking. Her mission is to share with the world her passion of all things Spanish, not only the Spanish language, but the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Spanish and Latin American cuisine that has it’s roots in so many different cultures.  She has taught Spanish and Cooking in San Francisco, London and Los Angeles. ·  Taught  private, group and party cooking Classes.

Emphasis is on Spanish and Latin American cuisine. Classes are taught in either English or for linguistic benefit in Spanish

She enjoys writing about Food History and it’s origins in a popular blog called,http://www.sabrinaslatinkitchen.wordpress.com where she writes about the  origins of Spanish and Latin American cuisine in blogs such as History of Chocolate: Cacao Bean in Ancient Civilization, and History of Tapas from King Alfonso to Present. Currently, she is working  on a Culinary Video series that will have fun and simple Spanish and Latin recipes, and in addition, will offer some valuable culinary tips and insights into the Hispanic culture and folklore.


Taste of Spain Series at Whole Foods Introduction

Join Sabrina in the first of a three part series as she marries the taste of Spain with the local ingredients here in LA. In this class we will be making a traditional Spanish dish, Paella Valenciana. Typically made with Rabbit and escargot on a campfire stove. We will be making a simpler version of this dish, but keep the main ingredients like Safron, Smoked Paprika, Chicken, Shrimp, Mussels and Clams. She will explain the step by step process as we start with
“the sofrito ” or Spanish mire poix , adding the ingredients little by little, including Bomba rice which will make a nice “soccorat”, which is when the bottom of the paella pan gets coated in a nice crispy layer of rice.



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